Professional & Beautiful Web Design

Hello, I am Lori Forster of Zenful Creations, and this is my website design and development portfolio. If you are here for the first time and looking for a new clean & beautiful web site design, you will probably want to get right into my work.

For visitors old and new, there is a little more about me on this page, and you can read my random posts in the blog.

Finally, if you have arrived here, but are still not sure of where you are:

  • Zenful Creations is a Web Design Company
  • I design custom Wordpress Themes!
  • I can teach you how to get the most out of your current website!
  • I can refresh identity or update your brand!
  • I teach you to teach others to evangelize your products!

Clean and efficient creative design

Creating an effective web site takes well planned design mixed with current technology and a creative brilliance to bind it all together.

Standard Compliant website design

All "Zenful Creations" are developed with handwritten, validated code that is clean and light assuring the quickest download times no matter who your users are.

Futureproof, because it's CSS!

Wouldn't it be nice if every two years you did not have to spend thousands on a new design? Design it right the first time and re-align it for years to come.

Design Resources

A few links to design resources I have found helpful to me. There are some great articles on freelance web design, design worksheets, as well as some great CSS/XHTML links.

Spyware Help

For a very long time, I assisted people who had problems with their computers. Most of the time, the issue was related to Spyware or Viruses. Since I so often went through the same process each time, I created pages and pointed friends there.