Web Design Case Study: Isola Isabella

Isola Isabella

Isola Isabella Inner

Isola Isabella is a company in Fort Lauderdale, FL, that designs and makes beautiful beach cover ups. Heather came to me a referral from Jason (who created the logo), and she was in the process of having her site created when we first met. She was happy with the work produced, but felt it lacked that femininity, that only a female could bring.

Using her beautiful photos of the garments as the backdrops for most pages, I came up with the design above. The site consists of 30 XHTML/CSS static pages, that mesh into an e-commerce package run by 1shoppingcart. I themed the cart software with the design for a shopping experience that is flawless, with little indication that the cart is on a different server than the front end. The site was published on April 15th, 2007, and the design is current with my work.

Graphic Design, XHTML/CSS, 1Shopping Cart theme and integration

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