Zenful Creations in Progress

It may be ADD, or maybe I just have too much to do, so I have to put it on this page so that I can manage it all! Ah, the life of a workaholic.

This page should get you to all I have ever done on the web, but if you can't find something just ask :) If you are looking for something that you know is not new, check out the archived projects on this page or in my old resume.

Things I am working on right now!

Dade County Chamber of Commerce
Graphic Design - XHTML - CSS - PHP - Wordpress Theme
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Recurring/Maintenance/Marketing - always work here!

iKarma - Creative Director
Recurring Graphic Design - XHTML/CSS
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Solar Art Group
Graphic Design - XHTML - CSS - PHP
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Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry
Site updates, blogging, photography
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State of Dade - SCV Camp 707
Website Design - XHTML/CSS
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All Archived Cases, are all on this page.