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Computer Programming Course on Khan Academy: What’s For Dinner

Since I am an advocate of home education, I like my kids to use the resources that are available on the web to teach themselves what they want to know. Since Khan Academy is one of the greatest resources, I too have decided to dabble in a few courses.

I am just getting started in the Computer Programming Subject, and the first project in the course that is sharable, is this one. I think it is neat to keep learning new things. I have been a developer for years, but never really delved into using JS to create drawings. So, now I am putting what I already know about programming into an arena I do not know well.

The program only included a simple plate, and it was up to me to put dinner on the plate using shapes like rect(), ellipse(), and triangle() to draw food on the plate and then use fill() and stroke() to color them.

It was fun! Here is my project:

Spin-off of “Project: What’s for Dinner?”

Made using: Khan Academy Computer Science

Make A Smart Website

How to Make Your Website’s Design Shine

Whether you’re preparing for your wedding, chronicling your travels or running a small business, a website or blog is the easiest way to share information with family, friends, professional contacts or customers. With advances in technology making it easier to build websites, millions of Americans are figuring out the basics of web design. Others are turning to professional designers for help.

What makes a website’s design successful? According to design experts, there are five keys to effective website design. These tips will help ensure that your website attracts visitors, encourages them to browse and — if you’re selling — entices customers to buy.

Smart Website Design

  1. Minimalist design. Your website should look clean and uncluttered. Minimalist design makes it easy for visitors to concentrate on the content. If a page has too many elements, visitors may become confused. This doesn’t mean the design has to be boring — a simple approach, focusing on a few key details, will make it look modern and stylish.
  2. Fabulous photos. Avoid cliché or unprofessional photography and find images that say something genuine about you or your business. For affordable, reliable photography that makes it easier to be creative, I use stock photography websites like Plexels (www.pexels.com/), which has gorgeous images for no charge with kind based licence specifcations, or for exceptional images, try Corbis Images (www.corbisimages.com), which has web-resolution images starting at $5.
  3. Encourage action. Whether you want people to note your wedding details, view your travel photos or make a purchase, make sure that your “call to action” is clear and concise. Use short and snappy language, and large, boldly colored, clickable buttons that are in the top or middle of the page.
  4. Focus on fonts. Bold fonts help visitors recognize the important messages and call-to-action on a page, while more common fonts are perfect for explaining the details. Veer.com has thousands of unique fonts for just a few dollars.
  5. Color counts. Color conveys meaning and encourages different reactions by visitors. Don’t forget to make good use of white space — the space between different elements of a design. Used well, it allows for easier scanning of your site.

I have a great page with lots of design resources that provide more in-depth information to help solve specific challenges.

Zenful Wordpress Template Design

Custom WordPress Theme for Zenful Expressions

It has been a long time coming… that is for sure.

I designed this look for my Zenful Expressions blog more than a year ago… I even coded most of it into the theme at the same time, but just never finalized it or took the time to repair the quirks that I found.

Well, today I just got a wild hair and finished it. Up to know I had been using the theme Sakura 1.5 by area381, and it did fine for me. It was pretty. It was zenful. That was until I wanted to really USE it. I needed to add some social links in, and they looked horrible in the post. I got in the themes folder to play around, and noted remembered the Zenful Expressions theme I already made. So rather than tinkering further with someone else’s work, I just did my own.

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Finally, right? Now, tell me what you think of it.

Website Review and Audits

Website Review @ Site Critic

I have recently gotten back in to doing website reviews, and did my first one with Site Critic, a site that I have done reviews on previously, so it was nice to get back to work with them again.

I was given a site to review the first day back in touch with Site Critic, and it took me a few days to get my Photoshop back up and running on this new laptop, and a good day or two to really peruse this site so as to give a appropriate review.

Check it out my review of All Things Famous on Site Critic and leave your comments.