How to Make Your Website’s Design Shine

Smart Website Design Whether you’re preparing for your wedding, chronicling your travels or running a small business, a website or blog is the easiest way to share information with family, friends, professional contacts or customers. With advances in technology making it easier to build websites, millions of Americans are figuring out the basics of web [...]

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Website Review @ Site Critic

I have recently gotten back in to doing website reviews, and did my first one with Site Critic, a site that I have done reviews on previously. I was nice to get back to work with them again acheter cialis. I was given a site to review the first day back in touch with Site [...]

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Classic Top 40 Radio Station Design

Live and online, I have redesigned and redeveloped the website for Chattanooga’s Classic Top 40 Radio Station. Built in XHTML/CSS with PHP includes for all blocked areas allowing for easy updates, OpenX Ads running all advertisers spots, and a WordPress theme to match, the new design is a huge step up from the original version […]

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