Look Ma… no images :)

This is a really handy and super cool CSS tool for rounded corners with NO images… yep, none! Allessandro Fulciniti combined a bit of JavaScript and with CSS to make “Nifty Corners” and then bettered it to be “MORE Nifty Corners” with some help from the ws gurus…. Worth a look:

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Zen Garden Eyetracking

This some interesting analysis…. a study from Greg Edwards of For those unfamilar with Eyetools, the company specialises in website usability studies based on direct, real-time tracking of a user’s eyeball movements as they interact with a site. It definately makes me think twice about usability! CSS Zen Garden — an Eyetools eyetracking analysis

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Web Photos Pro Published

It’s today! After a long wait, one of my favorite designs (and super client and friend) has finally published the new design at I loved creating this design, and even more loved working with Frank buy finasteride 1mg . Web Photos Pro is a software for bloggers of all kinds! Web Photos Pro creates […]

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