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Poker Run for Lewis Leach

It was more than I could have imagined! The poker run to benefit my Dad was a huge success… more than a hundred riders came out on Sunday to participate in the fundraiser for Daddy. We started the day at Mac’s Pub – first bike out at noon, so we arrived early, around 11am. Lani […]

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openDESIGN Project

Take up the openDESIGN Challenge and submit your ideas – your designs will then be displayed on a gallery page together with our version, where the online community and a jury will vote for weekly winners. The overall winner will be determined by a popular vote and will receive €10,000 prize money! We will work […]

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Back to work!

Been a while since posted an update so I figure now is as good of time as any! So let me get to it… I am working again… and have been hard at it too! I have been getting up at about 5:30 everyday, and I *think* I have officially caught back up to speed […]

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Lewis Leach

Announcements and Updates

As many readers here have known for a while, I have been here in Chattanooga TN for a month and a half tending to the affairs of my father. It has been the most stressful, self realizing, life changing situation I have ever been through - God knows the weight I can bear, but I [...]

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