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Lewis Leach

Announcements and Updates

As many readers here have known for a while, I have been here in Chattanooga TN for a month and a half tending to the affairs of my father. It has been the most stressful, self realizing, life changing situation I have ever been through - God knows the weight I can bear, but I [...]

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A May 1st to remember

So today is the day of the big CSS Reboot that I was actually going to skip this year… wonder if that should have been a sign? I decided at the last minute that I would go ahead and toss something into the mix (only because I knew just what I wanted to do), and […]

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Fresh and Clean on a whim…

I have been tossing around the idea of putting a new design up for Zenful Creations, my design portfolio, since the last CSS Reboot, but that great idea got 86’ed due to time constraints and Hurricane Wilma (what a time that was)! After missing Adam’s event, I was bummed, so threw it on the back […]

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