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Isola Isabella Design Launched

I was contacted by Heather, through a referral from my talented friend, Jason Black in the beginning of March. She had a site for her company, Isola Isabella, that was being designed and developed by another referral of hers, and while he was doing a superb job in most aspects of the project, she determined that it may be more beneficial for the look she was trying to achieve to have a female work on her design.

Heather knows her market, and knew the style she wanted – upscale, luxurious and clean. After about a week, I came up with a few ideas, and those have since been tweaked to perfection giving her just what she needed.

This project involved the design of the new look, XHTML and CSS coding, and theming of a 1shoppingcart.com ecommerce package that Heather has chosen for her product management.

Here is a screenshot of what the website looked like prior to my redesign & redevelopment.

Isola Isabella - Custom Swimwear Clothing

Project Overview

Design Category:

Clothing Company Website Design & Developent

Tools & Technology

Photoshop Graphic Design, XHTML, CSS, PHP, eCommerce

Website Status:

this site is ARCHIVED

Upgrade to PHP5


I guess I will have my work cut out for me! I just got the support ticket from WebQuarry answered, and they said:

It isn’t that it is messed up but that we moved to php5 and it handles includes a little differently.

Specifically, you can’t give external paths like that to an include file anymore. Give a relative path instead.

So include(http://www you could look here.zenfulcreations.com/inc/navigate.php)
would become something like:

This is going to take me quite a while to recode all these pages in my site to use a relative path. Grrrrrr!

CSS still in demand. Good.

Web Technology Penetration Report – CSS continues its rise and frames still survive in 16% of websites! by ZDNet‘s Richard MacManus — I came across an interesting report of web technology penetration rates, dated 1 April 2006, by Security Space. It’s based on a sample of 1,358,991 web sites in 2006, so it’s a pretty significant study. The following table shows the penetration rates of a variety of client side web technologies, for the years […]

CSS has a 50% penetration rate… I like to read that!

I remember the first day that I saw the CSS ZenGarden (the inspiration that drove me to perfect layout with CSS). Changing from table based layout to CSS was new and different and worth every hour I spent. I am so glad that I learned when I did – and my clients thank me now for it. I have re-aligned redesigns several times over the years 🙂

I was Zenful Creations in 1997, and took to the web as such (by actually using the URL and not a “free web host”) in March of 2003 – I will not tell a lie that being “CSS” and “Zen” “with a garden/plant” on the main page, did not fare my company well over the years. It did. CSS Rocks.

ArenaWP WordPress Theme Design Competition

All themes must be submitted by May 1, 2006, 12:00pm PST. This will allow enough time for everyone to re-submit their themes. It will also allow time to find a qualified panel of judges for the competition.

  • All themes must be packaed in .zip format and e-mailed to terry@kineda.com.
  • You can enter as many themes as you would like.
  • The best Site
  • The theme should look good on all modern browsers, across platforms.
  • Any theme may be excluded for any reason, though no likely to happen.
  • All themes must be released under a GPL compatible license (if a license is not specified, you agree that you are releasing the theme under the GPL license by submitting it to the competition).
  • Winners will be announced on May 15th, 2006.