CSS still in demand. Good.

Web Technology Penetration Report – CSS continues its rise and frames still survive in 16% of websites! by ZDNet‘s Richard MacManus — I came across an interesting report of web technology penetration rates, dated 1 April 2006, by Security Space. It’s based on a sample of 1,358,991 web sites in 2006, so it’s a pretty significant study. The following table shows the penetration rates of a variety of client side web technologies, for the years […]

CSS has a 50% penetration rate… I like to read that!

I remember the first day that I saw the CSS ZenGarden (the inspiration that drove me to perfect layout with CSS). Changing from table based layout to CSS was new and different and worth every hour I spent. I am so glad that I learned when I did – and my clients thank me now for it. I have re-aligned redesigns several times over the years 🙂

I was Zenful Creations in 1997, and took to the web as such (by actually using the URL and not a “free web host”) in March of 2003 – I will not tell a lie that being “CSS” and “Zen” “with a garden/plant” on the main page, did not fare my company well over the years. It did. CSS Rocks.

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