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February Design Updates

Last night I was up till 4am trying to put final tweaks, and content development for Natural Healing Solutions… still a few more things to type and then on to the brochure before I can call that final. I really hate doing pre-press.

I have been sitting here all day (well since coming in from a meeting at 11am) trying to plan these darn home school daily lessons. Abundance. Content. Gosh, there is just too much! I don’t know what to decide on. I guess that it will come to me at 4am.

I just finished all the design for the Lending First Mortgage project, and Just-Binoculars is close to good on the static sections. I still need to tweak JBlack, and do more content development for Success Express. WOW, I need a hand around here. Tonight is going to be another LONG night 🙂

Still in the closet – yet to even be started are Your Coral Springs,, conversion of and to WordPress with Flickr galleries (easier for me to update with my lack of free time). I have four BNI member sites that I am awaiting closure on, along with the new skin for Zenful Expressions and a reboot of Zenful Creations.


The analytical mind behind Zenful Creations. Responsible for all the bells and whistles; dedicates most of her time to breaking stuff and finding bugs and never enough time to fixing things.

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