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Scuse’ the mess!

I want to apologize for the unreadable state of most of the site right now. For some reason, my php includes are not working, and I have a ticket in to WebQuarry about the issues. Until it is resolved over 90% of my site is not functional Sorry for the mess!

Who’s Googling You?

Do you want to know who has been looking for you? says they can help you find out. Here is the video. 

Busy, Busy & More Busy.

Hello all! Time for a quick update as to what is going on with Lori! I have been so busy the past couple of months with kids, work and home life, that I barely get a chance to sit down and recollect my thoughts here in writing. Let me try to catch you up. First, […]

Freelancing Tips

I was reading one of the mailing lists I am a member of the other day, and some questions came up about Freelancing. Some were interested in knowing the best way to get business as a freelancer, and since Zenful Creations came from years of freelancing, I thought I would share my experiences in freelancing. […]