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Computer Programming Course on Khan Academy: What’s For Dinner

Since I am an advocate of home education, I like my kids to use the resources that are available on the web to teach themselves what they want to know. Since Khan Academy is one of the greatest resources, I too have decided to dabble in a few courses.

I am just getting started in the Computer Programming Subject, and the first project in the course that is sharable, is this one. I think it is neat to keep learning new things. I have been a developer for years, but never really delved into using JS to create drawings. So, now I am putting what I already know about programming into an arena I do not know well.

The program only included a simple plate, and it was up to me to put dinner on the plate using shapes like rect(), ellipse(), and triangle() to draw food on the plate and then use fill() and stroke() to color them.

It was fun! Here is my project:

Spin-off of “Project: What’s for Dinner?”

Made using: Khan Academy Computer Science

Christmas Theme Design

Sharing Christmas Spirit With Your Website

Zenful Creations Christmas Theme I love the holiday season!

Several years ago I found this beautiful photograph on iStockphoto.com and decided to create a Christmas Theme for my site. Since my site is created with web standards in mind, it only took a few minutes to slice up the image and create the theme by just changing a few lines in my stylesheet.

I sat down to read some email just about an hour ago, and it dawned on me to put on my Christmas look. Yeah!

If you have created your site the RIGHT way, it is simple to spread some Christmas Cheer with a few color tweaks in your style sheet and the addition of a festive photo, and still maintain a professional look and feel.

Do you change your site for the holiday?

Web Design On The Beach

Beachfront Website Design

We are on Vacation from July 3rd to July14th. We will be traveling to Tybee Island, St. Augustine, Daytona and Port St. Lucie, FL.

I am looking forward to spending some much needed time on the beach, and am blessed that my profession allows me to sit waterside and still code away!

I will be on from time to time, but you can keep up with our adventures on http://www.dennyandlori.com

Content Theft

Another Plagiarizer – Content Thieves

I am working on the new theme for my blog at Zenful Expressions, and thought I would look up a Zen Quote that I could use with a graphic. I decided to Google the word ‘zenful‘ (one I don’t check quite as often), and to my surprise (well, not really) up comes a Web Design company using the name “Zenful Web Design” (if that does not sound like leeching of a brand I sure don’t know what does). Anyway, I thought I would peruse the site a bit, checking out the work of a “zenful” competitor, and did not really see much that caught my eye… except the quote page.

It looked immediately familiar, and it was. It is mine.

Does this EVER end?

Quote page from Zenful Web Designs

This was taken from my worksheet resources, the Web Design Questionnaire, which is for MY clients, and is NOT Creative Commons (and is stated on the actual worksheets page). The offending page on their site is here: http://zenfulwebdesigns.com/quote.htm

I have emailed the only address I could get, which was in the source of the quote form, and their webhost to alert them of the copyright infringement.

Heck, I “am” Zenful, but I am NOT THAT ZENFUL! Please stop taking my content people!