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Online WOM Management

Paul sums it up for me today:

“In a world where customers are researching on the internet before they buy, it’s time for every business to begin thinking about their online reputation. We’ve gone from an age where shoddy products could hide behind slick advertising, to an age where a million dollar ad campaign can be foiled by a teenager with a popular blog. The new secret to success is to make good products, give good service and make it easy for customers to tell others about their experience.”

iKarma.com, New tools for better business!

You have to put those referrals to work for you both offline and on! The power of your online reputation (or lack therof) is more important to your business than you may think.
I may pass your card on to another client, and if they are at all savvy, they may turn to Google to find out more about you even though you are a referral from a trusted source. It is just the way technology is taking business.

Manage your online reputation as much as you manage your offline one – Eventually, there will be no choice 🙂

Reputation Management: You can manage your Word Of Mouth

As many of you know I am the Creative Director for a company with an invaluable business tool called iKarma. There is so much chatter these days about Word of Mouth Marketing and it being the best advertising one can do it is important to know what others are saying about you.

iKarma helps you to build and preserve your reputation in a time where reliance on internet reviews and information about businesses is vital.

Just a few links to what people are talking about:


So, as you can see with eBay, your reputation is worth every transaction in your business. Preserve it. I do! And it works wonders for me! Just look: http://lori.ikarma.com

Advertising Week 2005

I just returned home from a two day business trip to the Big Apple… I have been to New York several times, but this time was so different… different that I did not like. There were days, many years ago, when I absolutely LOVED that city. The buzz, the movement… mostly the height! Gosh those buildings are SO tall (that is why it seems so “dark”) in Manhattan.

I actually spent time there for a few months, testing the waters, but ended up going back to Georgia. Never DISLIKED it though. Until this time. I stayed in Queens at a pretty shoddy hotel in comparison (thanks Expedia.com !!!!), had a mess of a flight – traffic was high due to Advertising Week 2005 – just all over…. taxing.

While the trip itself was a great success, I just cannot say I am a fan anymore… is there any place in this country more hectic — most people just don’t smile, and there is just too much of too much that it is hard to keep up at all.

Yes, it is proven. I AM a Florida Beach Bum. Wherever success may take me in this life, PLEASE just do not take me there – EEK!