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Design Projects – January 2007

I am making myself a list of the projects that I want to complete this month. These are my personal projects, and not related to any clients:

1. TylerNicole.com – Update Gallery. Change current gallery format to Flickr fed galleries.

2. NikolasKai.com – FULL REDESIGN. (This site is so old). Create new design, nix tables for standards, Change current gallery format to Flickr fed galleries, WordPress + theming

3. DennyandLori.com – FULL NEW DESIGN – black/grey/pink theme; WordPress + theming, Galleries from Flickr, two sided admin for storage of links/important for Lori/Denny.

4. LoriLeach.com – COMPLETE – tweak front page PHP/CSS to display longer posts (will need to change flower on right to flow down page for longer content). With this fix, completing interior page should be part done already; style comment boxes.

5. TyNikBai.com – Get with Mom & Lani for page content, and product descriptions, prices; WordPress + theme; Flickr Gallery to run photos; PayPal or ZenCart for sales.

6. PlaybyPlayProductions.com – Get with Jen/Lani to see if this site should be continued or pulled

7. RonForster.org – Complete design/wordpress integration

8. ZenfulExpressions.com – Re-theme with zenful design

Back to work!

Been a while since posted an update so I figure now is as good of time as any! So let me get to it…

I am working again… and have been hard at it too! I have been getting up at about 5:30 everyday, and I *think* I have officially caught back up to speed – two months off is a VERY long time when you have clients waiting! But, I have everyone covered now, and am ready to begin taking new clients again.

DaddyFor an update on my Dad, things are really just about the same – well, he is not any worse is more appropriate to say. He is getting stronger by the day, and will squeeze onto my hand HARD – he will hold on to my wrist and I can lift his arm… He moves his arm (right side) around pretty well; moves his fingers all over the place… toes are wiggling well on the right side, and he will give the occasional kick… For commanded movement, while it does take some time, he will squeeze hands, move fingers and toes, and he will open his mouth. Each day he is doing a little better, but we are still not yet at the rehab level… to get to that, he has to open his eyes when asked and keep them open – then focus on things… he has been opening his eyes in response to pain, but not often on command, so he still just needs more time and prayer. There will be a Poker Run for him on Sunday August 27th and I am excited to see how many people participate!

Kids. Well, they are still with their father in Florida… I have not seen them since the 3rd of July 🙁 I even missed my little boy’s fourth birthday (ya. that was NOT an easy day!)… but they are having so much fun with him. We should be meeting up two day’s from now to have a special day with them, then I should have them back full time by Sunday – I miss them like mad!

Georgia/Tennessee life. I hate the weather here. It is too darn hot! I miss the beach! I went to Fall Creek Falls, TN on Sunday – we rode there ‘the scenic’ route, and it was just amazing… a perfect day. Found a nice cliff overlooking people playing in the water, and just lay there a bit… it was great to just do absolutely nothing. While I hate the heat, the lack of wind, I sure do like the scenery here… it is most certainly NOT flat – and besides, I like the wind that I get from riding on the back of a Harley! (giggle – grin)

Married life… He should get a medal! Praise for the patience of my husband with all I have been going through the past few months… It has not been easy, but I guess nothing worth anything is 🙂 In the past month I have completely relocated my home, business and kids – and it has been almost enough to make Denny insane I think…

Did I cover everything?

A May 1st to remember

So today is the day of the big CSS Reboot that I was actually going to skip this year… wonder if that should have been a sign?

I decided at the last minute that I would go ahead and toss something into the mix (only because I knew just what I wanted to do), and sat down in Photoshop to start working on a design at 10:30 pm on Friday night…

Yes. Just 2 days ago!

I have been working non-stop, on caffeine, sleeping less than 7 hours since Thursday to get this ready, and almost got there…

At around 4pm this afternoon, I was called by my fathers fiancee telling me that he had been in an accident, and that he is in the ICU. That nixed the completion of my design…

So with that said, I am leaving on a flight at 6:00 am to be by his side, and will have to complete the internal implementation of my reboot entry when I return home.

Until then, please pray for my father – his condition is critical, and all thoughts are appreciated, and here is my design for the CSS Reboot 2006 (as much as I could do).

Rebooting the BBC – a design competition

The BBC has made the announcement of a ‘reboot competition’ for people to design redesign the bbc.co.uk homepage called reboot:bbc.co.uk. Hoping to shed a little 2.0 on the BBC, they have created an open opportunity for designers all over the world to participate, and get seen.

BBC New Media & Technology today announces a competition to re-design and re-imagine the bbc.co.uk home page in the Web 2.0 world sildenafil generico.

The competition (open.bbc.co.uk/reboot) asks individuals not only to re-design the homepage, but also to take it back to the drawing board so that it exploits the functionality and usability of services such as Flickr, YouTube, Technorati and Wikipedia.

Entrants will also need to think about how their design will help future users of the site find their way through millions of pages of content, as well as being able to play and navigate hundreds of hours of BBC Television and Radio.
from: BBC Website

The competition will be held until May 25th.