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Christmas Theme Design

Sharing Christmas Spirit With Your Website

Zenful Creations Christmas Theme I love the holiday season!

Several years ago I found this beautiful photograph on iStockphoto.com and decided to create a Christmas Theme for my site. Since my site is created with web standards in mind, it only took a few minutes to slice up the image and create the theme by just changing a few lines in my stylesheet.

I sat down to read some email just about an hour ago, and it dawned on me to put on my Christmas look. Yeah!

If you have created your site the RIGHT way, it is simple to spread some Christmas Cheer with a few color tweaks in your style sheet and the addition of a festive photo, and still maintain a professional look and feel.

Do you change your site for the holiday?

Christmas Money Blogging

Making Extra Money for the Holiday Season

Times are tough. There is no denying that fact.

Just this morning before leaving for work, my husband pointed out that this economy is adding years to the time he gets to retire, which he was hoping to do in just a few more years. I learned that it took more than 20 years for the markets to recover from the Great Depression. Yikes, that will cut into what he has been working toward!

I have not been very busy the past few weeks, though I have not much desired to design anything after totally getting screwed by John Paul Cambert (I will elaborate on that in a different posting), other than working on the All Quality Heating & Air website. So, when Denny mentioned that this morning, and knowing Christmas is on the way, I set my sights on trying to make a few extra bucks.

I set to Googling work-at-home opportunities (which I really hate looking through, because most things are scams), and perused a few websites that had some information that I really already knew… I am NOT the ‘salesgal with the never ending little black book’, so that nixes all those ‘party’ type of businesses such as Pampered Chef, PartyLite, PureRomance or the plethora of others there are.

I went to Craigslist checking out what was posted in the Design & Development area for Chattanooga, and came up with a bunch of nothing. I should probably check out LOTS more cities, but when I am on that site I always get trailed off.

Took a few minutes on CrowdSpring and Design Outpost looking at what they had going on, but I just have a hard time designing with no guarantee of compensation. Maybe if I was uber-broke, I would, but I am not, so I won’t.

Finally from my searching I stumbled upon ProBlogger, and saw all the “Bloggers wanted” jobs. Talk about a ‘dugh! moment’. I DO have blogs (that I hardly write in, shame shame) that I could be pumping out musings on and would possibly see a Google check in the mail. I could write for others. Hey, now that was an idea.

So, I signed up to be a blogger at Today.com (as listed on the ProBlogger Jobs site) let’s see how that works out.

I am still hunting for designY things to do to fill the stockings, so if you need a good designer, I am your girl… unless you are JP Cambert!

Time Waster: Holiday Lights

I was going through Digg this morning, reading and digging away, and came across a real cool site that I thought I would blog about.

I love Christmas – I love Christmas lights! I can’t get enough of them, and my kids love them too. From the start of December, on through the month, the children and I travel around the neighborhoods by bicycle oooohing and ahhing at all the pretty sights!

Well, Bronner’s, a Christmas store in Michigan has created “My Christmas Wonderland” – you can enjoy lights from all over the world! My kids love it and I do too!

Check it out at http://christmas.bronners.com (no longer ative, awe!)

While I was there I came across this one particular house that had a URL in it’s name. I went to the website that was listed and boy what a treat that is – too much fun! The guy that has this site is using webcams, and internet controlled lights (yes, YOU can control the lights and more) to try to raise money for his two boys who have Celiac Disease. This one was too much fun to not share, so check it out yourself – but don’t mess with the Hulk 🙂