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Christmas Theme Design

Sharing Christmas Spirit With Your Website

Zenful Creations Christmas Theme I love the holiday season!

Several years ago I found this beautiful photograph on iStockphoto.com and decided to create a Christmas Theme for my site. Since my site is created with web standards in mind, it only took a few minutes to slice up the image and create the theme by just changing a few lines in my stylesheet.

I sat down to read some email just about an hour ago, and it dawned on me to put on my Christmas look. Yeah!

If you have created your site the RIGHT way, it is simple to spread some Christmas Cheer with a few color tweaks in your style sheet and the addition of a festive photo, and still maintain a professional look and feel.

Do you change your site for the holiday?

Naked Website Design

Zenful Creations Gets Naked!

It’s that time again… time to strip down and show off your < body>!

Yep, it is the 3rd annual “CSS Naked Day“, and I am participating this year. I have missed it the past two years, but even though the date changed, I made it this time.

The purpose of CSS Naked Day, which was created by Dustin Diaz in 2006, is to promote Web Standards. It shows off those who work hard enough to code our sites properly, using valid (x)html, semantic markup, a good hierarchy structure.

While this year I stripped my styles by hand, I think next year I will use Aja Lapus’s WordPress Naked Day plugin for the blog. In just one click (activate it in your plugins area) you can strip down to your markup and show your stuff!

If you missed it this year, make sure you set the date for next year, and help spread the word that Web Standards, and proper markup is the best way to build your site. Who needs pretty clothes when you have a nice < body>.