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Google Your Own Content

Google Your Content – Often!

Yes. I found yet another one. This one made me chuckle however as I decided to search upon this text from my front page:

Today, before someone will buy from you, it is almost certain that they will attempt to research your name on the internet.

What the search on that lead me to, just made me think,

“WHY in the word would someone copy THAT statement from my content, and publish it on a website as their own? Do they not think ‘I’ would research and catch it, LOL?”

Well, I did and here are my findings:

DATE FOUND: March 10th 2008
OWNER: Thia Denae – webmaster@denaewebandtech.com
URL: http://www.denaewebandtech.com/

Stolen content - DANAE

Thia took the a combination of my about us page, and my home page and republished it as her home/about page.

Stolen content - DANAE

She created her Web Design page content by copying the text located in the Word of Mouth information box on my front page, and the left side from the first information box on the front page.

Stolen content - DANAE

She took my text from my Logo Design page, and republished as her own work. Also under her Other Graphic Design, she copied and semi-adapted from my Template Design description on my services page.

Come’on designers – you are ‘creators’ – can you not come up with your own verbiage to sell your services?

I wonder how her business, since it will be known that researching her will come up with me, and the fact that she plagiarized content, will be once I hit publish on this…