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Scuse’ The Mess!

I want to apologize for the unreadable state of most of the site right now. For some reason, my php includes are not working, and I have a ticket in to WebQuarry about the issues.

Until it is resolved over 90% of my site is not functional 🙁

Sorry for the mess!

Website Redesign

iKarma… refreshed.

Whew. That was alot of work on a less than a week deadline! But I am thrilled to have it done 😉

iKarma is a tool for people who depend on word-of-mouth marketing and referrals in their business, but while we were in Beta, we noticed many difficulties in getting the message across to people exactly WHAT iKarma was, and HOW it was invaluble tool. We needed it to be evidently clear that iKarma is a free service that professionals can use to manage their reputation/word-of-mouth.

iKarma - Online Reputation Management

I spent over 80 hours in design and revisions. I spent three days marking it up, and now I get to tell you all about it! Take a minute, and check out the new iKarma, and let me know what you think!